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My written work

This page showcases some of the stories I've written for various publications and includes news, feature and long-form pieces of journalism. For audio, video or photography work, see the multimedia page. 

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I spent the day at Trust Women, an abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. While there, I met one young woman who had traveled from Houston, Texas for her procedure. In this feature, I tell her story, and the story of the small clinic still standing amid a sea of bans.

Desalination is often touted as a solution to the US’ water crisis. But the process’ cost financially and ecologically mean it may not work everywhere.

Well Inspection
Image by Photobank Kiev

SpaceX founder Elon Musk said he plans to have a million people on Mars by 2050. Scientists say that plan is admirable, but not realistic.

A feature I wrote for WebMD and Medscape about the landscape of kidney paired donations, which despite being a useful method of getting people matched with donors, is relatively uncommon.  

Monkey sitting on a tree

Scientists found that rhesus macaques often participate in gay sex. The bisexual monkeys produced more offspring than their heterosexual counterparts.


How smoking weed before bedtime changes the way you sleep – and not necessarily for the better. An explainer I wrote for Scienceline.

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The Cold War-era mission uncovered evidence of catastrophic melt when the atmosphere had 50% less carbon dioxide than it does now.

Atomic Landscape

When the first nuclear bomb was tested on July 16, 1945, the US government thought they'd done everything to cover their tracks. 

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The natural dye industry is cutting of a niche market within fashion, fighting for more sustainable textile development. This is a profile about that market through the lens of one female-run company- Green Matters.

Maui has faced a high risk of dangerous fires for years, but the perfect storm of unlucky weather and possible mismanagement led to ultimate disaster.

On Fire
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No more insulin injections? Maybe some day

A feature story I produced for Scienceline. In very early trials, stem cell treatments for Type 1 diabetes yield encouraging results and raise the possibility of an eventual cure for millions.

An embargoed study story with a day turnaround time on a study for treating individuals with HIV. Produced from my summer internship at Medscape/WebMD.

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