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Frugal With Love- poem

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Above all, do not be frugal with love.

Do not restrain the child in your soul

that you know you still hold

despite the pain of the world.

Allow yourself to find love in the places it may be,

In the curve of your mothers index finger,

Or the sigh as the dogwood blossom falls from the tree and breathes.

See beauty in the calloused palm of a friend long gone,

Discover wonder in the creaking smile of the old man at the bus stop.

Run at life with mouth wide open for

Rain, heartbreak, snowflakes

For missed opportunities

and for cruelties

and forgiveness

and the taste of a lovers name.

For when you find love in the world,

when you refuse to hand it out with reluctance,

You'll find that love in the crease of your own elbow,

In the twitch of your toe,

In the face in the mirror that you had avoided for far too long.

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